Pubg New State Release | Pubg Mobile 2 Release

 Pubg New State Release | Pubg Mobile 2 Release

Pubg New State | Pubg Mobile 2

Pubg Mobile 2 can reportedly be released next week. A tipster claims that the new game would be equipped with modern weapons, new maps and many best gadgets. 

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Why Pubg Mobile Ban

pubg mobile was banned in India in September 2020 by the government of India. Pubg mobile 2 is reportedly being developed by the south Korean company krafton. Remind that the company withdrew all responsibilities after it was created from the literary tencent games in pubg’s Indian operation. No official statements have been issued from developers about Pubg mobile 2 till now, so it’s better to understand this information as one leak only.

Pubg Mobile 2 | Pubg New State launch in India

 A person handling twitter handles from the playerign name (not related to these) claimed pubg mobile 2 can be released ynext week. Referring to a weibo post deleted, tipster Shared that the game would be located at 2051 and would come with modern weapons, gadgets and a new map. It also talks of being released on both android and ios platforms. It is also being expected that krafton pubg global invitational. S could declare in 2021 tournament, which will be next week.

 The same tipster Shared a Korean publication report in January, which claimed that pubg mobile 2 (PC and consol) and pubg mobile 2 are being developed.

Pubg mobile was baned with 117 other app in September 2020 in India and also subsequently removed from Google play and app store. The Chinese company tencent was responsible for the game’s publications, which prompted the government to ban the game, citing concerns about privacy and security. Since then, the subsidiary of the pubg corporation has been trying to bring the game back to India. In November last year, the company announced pubg mobile India and made tees that the game will knock soon, but it hasn’t been released yet.

Pubg New State official website and other social network registered.

Pubg New State Pre-registration

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